I’m super hyped to revive this style, because the first thing I ever sewed together myself was a mini duffle. This is the finalized version, the initial idea came as something much simpler.

Back in my interning days at what was once Nocturnal Workshop, now Techwear Intern, I used to bring a little lunch bag to the studio everyday. The bag was a little BAPE duffle that I got in a magazine as a kid. Because it was a bonus to the magazine, it was a pretty simple construction, perfect for a new sewer like me. I picked apart the bag, made a pattern from the dimensions and sewed together my own version.

Fast forward a few years and several design updates (special mention Tyler) and this is the result with dimensions still the same, but a little better designed with modular details. Keeping in line with the upcycled leather theme with removable pouches, this is the little brother to the Frankenstein Weekender.

I made a version that has a foam panel in between the leather and lining and it serves as my camera bag. Big fan…