T-shirts for me have been the hardest thing to design. I don’t know why, I’m just never satisfied with the result. I always put it to the side and find it daunting to revisit, so I never do.

What I realized one day, for me anyway, a tee is like a bag. You can’t have a bag that does everything, you need different bags to do different, specific things really well. Same thing goes for a t-shirt. You need a good basic tee and a cozy tee as a starting point.

This is the nice tee. A raglan style that’s flattering on the frame, and has a cross-neck collar that creates a natural V. I’ve always liked a little length on the sleeves and body so added that in too.

“Kihon” in Japanese is short for “Kihonteki,” which means fundamental. My approach to a basic tee if you will…