The short everyday coat was covered in Capsule I, so it made sense to make something a little longer. I've always loved overcoats and wanted one for myself, but thought they all looked really formal. I wanted something you could wear with a T-shirt.

I knew to make any coat more casual, I'd just have to make it less structured. Both the lining and the exterior are a four-way stretch material, which is great for mobility and layering. I could also use a zipper opening but how to do it in a way that didn't look fast fashion?

My friend treated me to a spa day and I came across a floor-length mirror. I decided to gloat on the 'gram and post a shot of me in my bougie loungewear. Something in my selfie caught my eye. What if I could I add the nice lines of the robe opening to the lapel of an overcoat?

As far as the name goes, there’s no play on Japanese wording here. Just a simple combination of the words robe and overcoat. Though that concept of combining words is something the Japanese like to do…