The plaid shirt is a staple in any guy’s closet so it made sense for me to come up with a SWB version. My fabric supplier for the bomber jackets had an awesome wool blend that I wanted to play with, so first step was to get my hands on some.

I spent hours scrolling through different plaid shirts online and had trouble figuring out what pocket placement I liked most. The tricky thing with any pattern is lining things up in a way that the garment looks cohesive. I liked some of the shirts that had the chest pocket pattern on an angle, but realized that would'n’t look as good for any pattern that was thinner and more intricate. I wanted something I could plug and play with any material. Lining the lines up exactly was another option, but I thought to myself that’d be so wasteful on a marker.

The folded floating pocket was still on my mind from the Meganeh Shirt, and the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t want to see any pocket at all. I played with some stitching lines and fold options and was able to scale the size of the pocket up to something that could hold more than just eyewear. The best part is, you only notice a little break in the pattern.

Tatamu” in Japanese means to fold. I’m really diving into the origami theme here…