I'm a denim nerd. I don't know what it is about this seemingly simple material that has such an allure, but I'll forever be enticed.

For something that was created for people to labor in everyday, they've sure come a long way. Everything that goes into a good pair of jeans is dope; the fabric, the stitching, the hardware, even the machinery that puts it together.

Akiko is my mom's name and I think jeans are a perfect way to describe who she is. She moved here from Japan against her family's wishes and put her head down and worked day in and day out to create a life for herself. Oh, and she managed to raise two, somewhat rebellious, kids during this whole process of adjusting to life in a foreign country. Like good denim, she gets better and more beautiful with age.  

There’s a good story to every pair of jeans and rest assured, Akiko's story stands above the rest. A mother, a CIO, and a PhD, it's actually insane what an inspiration she is...