Designing minimally has been my most enjoyable challenge so far, but how do you make an already visibly simple garment stand out by stripping away more?

Straightening pockets and angular stitching lines came first. I thought of stitching patterns for the back pockets, but immediately dismissed the idea as I couldn't find a pattern I didn't hate. The lightbulb came when digging my hand into my right pocket one day.

Hidden just below the surface; there lies the watch pocket. Originally made for workers to store their time-keeper, no need to explain why it's now redundant. I played with a couple of positions to find the most ergonomic placement and so, the Commuter Pocket was born. By simply moving an existing feature, I found a way to add a little flavour and some current function to the jeans. I didn't know how useful a tiny pocket would be until I started trying to find things to put in it. It's a great place to keep your change, keys, fob, memory cards, etc.

I just bought AirPods and found they fit nicely in there too. Thanks Apple...