For me, the hem on the Akiko Jeans is the winning feature. My first thought came with exposing the selvedge line. Pretty easy, just reverse the hem so it’s flipped outward.

The cinch snap came with a decision on the fit. The Akiko Jeans are a slim straight fit (my favourite). They hug your quads but straighten out at the ankle, thus leaving a bigger opening for things like boots. That being the case, I found that I was mixing in more low-top sneakers to my regular rotation. How do I wear straighter jeans and sneakers without looking like a total dad?

My initial idea to cinch the hem was an elaborate one. I wanted to create a loop, with a strip of denim, a buttonhole and a snap that might have worked well but not looked minimal in any way. I came home and sat on the couch with my roommate and talked it out with him explaining my dilemma. He simply said, "Why don't you skip all that and just use a snap?"

My roommate's name is Evan...