I’m lucky to say that the SS Bomber sold really well, so I went back into the pattern to tweak a couple of things to make it even better. I added some articulation in the arms to level up the fit and straightened the collar line. I also wanted to add a floating eyewear pocket that would be integrated into the facing. I’m a big advocate for the fight against indoor sunglasses.

Though it was nice having two options for the bomber, I couldn’t get it out of my head that they were essentially the same thing. So, it made sense to just take the best features from each and combine them into one. I found an old hide of crinkle leather lying around so I decided to make the fit reference out of it. Lucky me, there was just enough to make the jacket.

Unfortunately when I finished cutting the leather, I realized I had cut out two right arms instead of a right and a left arm. Digging into my regular lambskin supply, I decided to turn the sample into a two-tone style.

Though it was a mistake, I actually think it looks better this way…