My mental list of things to make is never-ending. An effective way to work through it I found, is to have friends reach out with a style I have on my list, and they let me design my version of it. I'm super lucky to have such supportive homies, that are always willing to buy the stuff I make.

The Douglas Crossbody is a perfect example. I'd been seeing a tiresome amount of the Lululemon slingbags and thought it'd be nice too see another shape out in the world. A buddy of mine was in the market for a different crossbody bag, so I got to work.

Took a few tries but I'm pretty happy with the end result. A good size, with ample room for a wallet, phone and a few other little trinkets. Now I want to redesign my camera sling. 

I put together a final version and gave it to my buddy, his name is Brandon Douglas, but we all just call him Douglas...