This is the longest running style in my design career, even though it's a new style for SWB. I graduated school with a Fashion Marketing Diploma, but still felt I really wanted to learn how to make stuff and didn't want to pay for school again. 

A local bag brand called Nocturnal Workshop took me in as their intern and I dove in head first, learning as much as I could during the day, before starting my bartending shifts at night.

I had a mini duffle bag I used as my lunch bag during my internship. It was an old bag I got with a BAPE mag during my high-school years. It's crazy to think how many people in the design world have had some sort of interaction with BAPE, this is where it happened for me. To do this day, even though Nigo has long moved on, it's amazing how strong the brand remains.

Because the bag was an add-on to their lookbook magazine, it wasn't as intricately constructed as their main-line stuff. For someone that's just learning how to sew however, it was the perfect starting point. I took it apart, made a pattern from the pieces, and the rest is history. 

Meshi” in Japanese means rice. That's the literal translation, but my time as a high-schooler in Japan had me using the term as a slang for food or lunch. Or dinner or any meal for that matter, I eat a lot every time I'm there...