There's no denying how fundamental a hoodie is in any Vancouverite's wardrobe. It's right up there with jeans. Capsule I was built around the jeans: it made sense to build Capsule II around another staple.

There are a lot of nice hoodies out there, but there are also countless terrible ones. My thinking was around the question of what makes a bad hoodie? Where most hoodies go wrong for me, is by accentuating the details (drawstrings, kangaroo pockets, etc.). Take it all away, it's still comfy.

Sankaku” in Japanese means triangle. Looking at the hoodie, there's not much going on triangularly but there is if we go deeper. Drafting the garment involved a lot of small slices to the pattern. By the end, I was left with a little pile of paper triangles.

I wonder what the drafting process for a pullover would look like?